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Studebaker Coupe Express...
The most significant point of body improvement has to be the new conventional hood conversion. On the early edition 39 Studebaker, the entire front clip was tilt hinged. This was a novel idea in theory but in practice it was impractical. The excessive size and weight meant it was impossible for one person to successfully operate. When the clip was open, it exposed the unfinished substructure of the glass body, which also exposed the headlight, upper grille mounted turn signals and the obtrusive hinge assembly. This in turn made for a rather unsightly motor box and detracted immensely from any custom engine set up that one might wish to highlight.
The Hood modification
Our new front clip has been modified from the original flip front to a conventionally opening hood with billet hinges and remote latch.
39 Studes with the original tilt front end configuration.

The first generation 39 Studebaker bodies featured the full tilt  front clip. the improved Wilder Street Rods truck now sport the conventional opening hood.
Wilder Street Rods