Production Package Information
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The perfecting of the  extended cab version
Improved the laser cut stainless steel grille assembly
Stiffened and reinforced the entire body assembly
Created a complete interior trim accessory package consisting of the dash, door panels,
        console & headliner
Conversion of the original tilt front end assembly to a conventional opening hood
Created an inner liner for the hood 
Created a  conventional door handle opening assembly
Creation of a ProStreet version
Crafting a complete solid tonneau cover and custom bed deck configurations

Other significant improvements include, integrated running boards, a roll pan re-design, builder simplification techniques and assorted other enhancements to the
body package.

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Wilder Street Rods Conyers, Ga!
From Mild to Wild, The concept of the 39 Studebaker Truck is to create a totally unique, fully functional and driveable modern Street Rod. Toward this end, we have created a complete custom conversion package which utilizes the existing platform of the time tested and widely available Chevrolet S-10 as a donor vehicle. We can provide you with the body package for the do-it-yourselfer all the way up to a complete turn key, ready to roll Hot Rod. 

At Wilder Street Rods, our emphasis is on creating the 39 studebaker Custom Coupe Express as a turn -key, ready to ride, made to order production Street Rod. While it is possible to manufacture "cookie cutter" road ready rides, we prefer to build to suit, as directed by the owner's taste and preferences. Our basic packages are described below: feel free to contact us with any specific questions you may have.

Bring us your own DONOR!  Starting at 20,000.00 we will complete a turn key Street Rod based on your personal donor truck. This is the most expense variable option in terms of cost and end user preference so it requires the most planning. Give us a call to discuss this and our other completion options.

While it is possible to bolt this glass body on Deuce factory or SAC ( or any other ) stickbuilt frame, the original intent of design was to create an “affordable” and user friendly street rod.  By utilizing the standard Chevrolet S-Series pick up truck ( S-10 or Sonoma), the expense of the custom made frame (up to $8000.00) would be offset by a production priced and widely available donor vehicle to be used as the rolling chassis.

The result is an incredibly  stunning and completely origional modern Street Rod.  
Before & After
The Wilder Street Rods 39 Studebaker is now in it's seventh year of production. In a constant culture of quality improvement, we are ever continuing to improve many of the design & functionality features of the body. Since inception, we have made a number of impressive value added improvements to the popular body. Some of the more dramatic improvements include:
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Body package...  Standard Cab  10,500.00 
nterior kit... 2,500.00
Body Package...  Extended cab 11,500.00

The complete body kit consists of all the necessary exterior conversion components excluding only the bed decking materials. Everything else down to the mounting & assembly hardware is included in the package. The interior kit includes the compete dash, door panels, and center console. 

While we can supply the desired bed decking, we've found that most builder-owners prefer to provide their own custom touch for the bed, consistent with the build up and  use of the vehicle. 

Glass note: With the exception of the rear window, the conversion utilizes all the original factory glass, unaltered and in it's original factory configuration. The rear glass insert is included with the conversion package.

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The body is 100% hand laid heat stable fiberglass with a consistent thickness and gel coat finish. For the builder-owner who prefers to reduce the expense associated with changing out the stock S-10 interior, the package is available without the interior kit.

Rolling Chassis..  14,000.00 
The stage consists of a complete built out basic vehicle. It includes a stock GM wheel & tire combo for transportation but no operable engine or drivetrain. the interior kit is included in the roller stage but it is not installed as it will be subject to the end user's specific taste.

The remaining steps for the finisher-owner are paint prep & painting, wheels & tires, complete drivetrain, and interior completion.

Turn Key, basic stock conversion.  25,000.00  & Up
This is the completely finished ready to cruise Street Rod. The 25K package includes the basic stock conversion, which retains the original interior, engine & drive train, and all other original S-10 components. The custom interior package can be installed and finished additional cost.

The paint will be single color customer’s choice of two step PPG Omni or single step enamel. Graphics, flames, and other custom finishes are available at additional cost.

The bed decking material/finish will also be the customers choice. The Wheel & Tire combination will be customers pick from among a pre selected group of combinations.

Any overages or custom applications such as air ride, V-8 conversion, pro street package, premium products such as wheels, interior mods, custom paint, or any other non stock enhancement will be at additional cost. We will be happy to discuss the endless possibilities for your new Custom Street Rod.