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39 Stude registry
The 1939 Studebaker Coupe Express -The Ultimate Retro Driving Machine!
1939 Studebaker Frame & Cab Details
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Product Overview
Maximum rigidity and stability, critical for the daily driver:
The base platform of any Street Rod body kit is its most important structural component. There are many aftermarket frames & systems that will work perfectly for the average glass bodied car. While SAC, TCI, & Fat Man may be the best known chassis producers, there is much debate about who makes the best frame & why; not to mention the 8,000.00 - 10,00.00 price tag that goes with it. 

While our body can be built on a "stick built" Hot Rod frame, The Wilder Street Rods 39 Studebaker utilizes the time tested platform of the widely available S series production truck to provide maximum overall structural integrity. Why worry about whether a stick built frame will resist the torque flex of a 300 HP V8  when you know a production fram is best suited for that job?

Torsional rigidity is the critical element. Your Street Rod frame has to be able to withstand the road rigors that a high torque V8 can deliver and maximum frame rigidity is required  to resist the flexing that ultimately damages your carís bodywork and paint. .Aftermarket frames claim to equal or best the quality of production frames. The fact is the production chassis used in our buildup is a time tested for ultimate integrity thereby ensuring it will support the body, keep it rigid, well integrated, and less susceptible to the forces that stress bodies and paintwork over the long term.

Additional Information:
We're ready to answer any questions you may have about the Studebaker Street Rod.  You may contact us as follows:
Jeff Nix 678.776.8861
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"Prime Build" 39
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Not only does our turnkey provide proven street-ability it's efficient use of the Chevy truck sub frame enables years of trouble free driving pleasure while saving thousands in build up costs. Why spend thousands on a lesser frame & chassis when you can have the assurance of production quality?   

Maximum integration is assured by utilizing the donorís all steel cab.

Because the 39 Studebaker also utilizes the donor's all steel cab, overall structural integrity is a feature that no other glass bodied Street Rod can provide. The integration of the steel cab & frame also prevents the common body shaking, rattling and eventual stress cracks that are common with fiberglass bodied kit cars. Regardless of the quality of the fiberglass, the torque and vibration associated with driving takes a toll on fiberglass bodies. The 39 Studebaker conversion is by far more solid and integrated than any glass bodied kit available in the marketplace. Using the steel cab and production frame in concert assures an unparalled structural integrity.

Additionally, the integrity of the steel donor means a quite, cool, safe, and pleasurable driving experience. There's no need to buy costly "not so custom fit" moldings & trims. No need to spray on Lizard Skin or other ceramic heat shielding. No need to insulate the hollow glass body from road noise. No need to build in safety features like roll bars or interior tube framing for safety & support.  None of these typical problems exist with the 39 Studebaker. When you drive the 39 Studebaker custom street rod, you're driving in the comfort of a production vehicle with uncommon retro styling.