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The perfecting of the  extended cab version
Improved the laser cut stainless steel grille assembly
Stiffened and reinforced the entire body assembly
Created a complete interior trim accessory package consisting of the dash, door panels,
        console & headliner
Conversion of the original tilt front end assembly to a conventional opening hood
Created an inner liner for the hood 
Created a  conventional door handle opening assembly
Creation of a ProStreet version
Crafting a complete solid tonneau cover and custom bed deck configurations

Other significant improvements include, integrated running boards, a roll pan re-design, builder simplification techniques and assorted other enhancements to the
body package.

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"Radically Different" At Kreative Rod Werks, our emphasis is on creating the 39 Studebaker Custom Coupe Express as a turn -key, ready to ride, made to order production Street Rod. Our road ready concept is a totally unique, fully functional and drivable modern Street Rod.

25,000.00 may seem like a lot to pay for a Street Rod but at this price, you’re driving a complete road ready Street Rod, not a partial kit or roller that awaits an additional 20,000.00 and a hundred hours to complete. There's no question that dropping 25K for a Street Rod is a big commitment. In order to justify this purchase, you'll need to appreciate the value you receive for the price you'll pay. There are many factors to consider in the evaluation process. Some are more apparent as others. You'll need  to review all the information before you can make an informed decision to buy the road ready 1939 Studebaker pickup.

Here is a point-by-point list of factors to consider as you contemplate this purchase:

Bring us your own DONOR! Starting around 20,000.00 we will complete a turn key Street Rod based on your personal donor truck. This is the most expense variable option in terms of cost and end user preference so it requires the most planning. Give us a call to discuss this and our other completion options.

Before & After
The KreativeRodWewrks 39 Studebaker is now in it's seventh year of production. In a constant culture of quality improvement, we are ever continuing to improve many of the design & functionality features of the body. Since inception, we have made a number of impressive value added improvements to the popular body. Some of the more dramatic improvements include:
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Rolling Chassis..  Extended cab ~ 16,000.00 
Chassis.. Standard Cab ~ 14,000.00

The stage consists of a complete built out basic vehicle. It includes a stock GM wheel & tire combo for transportation. A roller may or may not have an engine or drivetrain. the interior kit is included in the roller stage but it is not installed as it will be subject to the end user's specific taste. The remaining steps for the finisher-owner are paint prep & painting, wheels & tires, complete drivetrain, and interior completion. For more information, see our rolling chassis page HERE

1) Absolutely distinctive: This body is the standard bearer in the custom radical hot rod pickup class. It is unquestionably unique in it’s striking retro rod style. The 39 Studebaker is by far the crowd favorite both on the road and at any show or cruise in. It’s not just another cookie cutter - jelly bean “factory” rods that proliferate the street rod scene today. Exclusivity is what this truck is all about. The 39 Studebaker Street Rod sports a “signature” that gives it a particular distinction.

2) Sound and solid: The 39 retains the all steel cab and frame of the Chevy production donor truck thereby assuring complete structural integrity not available with any other fiberglass "kit cars". You get the sound construction of a proven daily driver. The finished ride is as tight and quiet as the original donor vehicle - no shake & rattle of a typical fiberglass rod body. Production quality road noise reduction  is a critical element in enjoying your streetrod,  just ask your fellow street rodders.

3) Reliability and ultimate affordability: The most basic buildup of the 39 Studebaker package utilizes the stock interior, complete drive train, all mechanical components and production glass, doors, seals, hinges & window  mechanisms. No need to purchase finish components from the many aftermarket Hot Rod parts manufacturers. The savings would easily run into the thousands.

4) Quality raw materials: High quality, temperature stable fiberglass mat, cloth, and core mat are hand laminated with reinforced panels designed to add stability, rigidity and consistency. The body thickness is a consistent 3/8 minimum thickness to assure structural integrity not available with a mass produced chopped glass body. Our consistent manufacturing standards and attention to quality assurance produces  a body with structural integrity designed to  minimizes stress fractures.

5) Versatility: Daily driver, Sunday driver or trailer queen.. You decide. The 39 allows the most versatile of options. Remember that when you buy our base model turnkey at the 25K level, you're essentially driving a production Chevy truck with a custom retro skin. Our turnkey conversion enables trouble free daily use without the concerns of typical kit built Hot Rods. Whether it's pickin' up some groceries or cruising down boulevard, your new 39 is ready when you are. 

6) Why not use a real frame? The base platform of any Street Rod body kit is its most important structural component. The 39 Studebaker utilizes the time tested platform of a production vehicle to provide maximum overall structural integrity. Not only does our turnkey provide proven street-ability it's efficient use of the Chevy sub frame enables years of trouble free driving pleasure. MORE

7) Repairs made simple... With the base model, repair and maintenance are as easy as working on the stock S-10. No worries about a complex engine system comprised of dozens of special order components, any of which are potential weak links that can stop you cold as you plan for next weekend's cruise in.

8) Resale value. Think about this a moment: there are literally hundreds of Street Rods for sale every year, and just as many new ones are being built, so there is always a relatively high inventory of product out there to buy. As a result, buyers can be extremely selective…it’s always a buyer’s market. Cookie cutter street rods are all basically the same. The affordable 1939 Studebaker  Custom Street rod pickup gives you a unique edge in the resale market.

9) Built in expertise. When you consider the cost in terms of time and cash to build your own Street Rod, 25,000.00 for a Wilder Street Rods turnkey provides an inexpensive and invaluable convenience factor that you can only get with owning and driving one of these trucks. The 39 Studebaker will always maintain a value that is at least the cost of the investment and it’s unique brand will always be in demand.

10) We're ready!  KreativeRodWerks is ready when you are! Your turnkey 1939 Studebaker Custom Street Rod Pickup is shipped 100% complete, ready to enjoy immediately. It represents the best choice you can make for your Hot Rodding  dollar. It is clearly the easiest and most affordable method to get into truly distinctive Street Rodding. When you're ready to get rolling, give us a call at 480-731-3146 or email Mark HERE

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