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It's bound to happen if you take em out! 3/27/2004
As stated before... this truck is a DRIVER, It's no lush life livin'- hiding under the covers - trailer queen pom pom pampred - eye candied - fair weather ... you get the idea.  As if road gravel & hiway hazards are not enough.. what about when some clown whacks right in to you!! I mean how could anyone
Not see this truck.. let alone manage to take a bite out of it??
As accidents go, I was parked at a crusie in when some guy was backing his Durrango into a parking space opposite of my spot, he taps my nose with his giant rubberized bumper, enough to knock my truck out of park which then proceeded to roll down the grade & into another car.  On lookers attempted to stop it and did manage to lessen the blow somewhat.
He had State farm so we'll see what comes of all this... stay tuned. 

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Thanks are in order... to George Fazio for the quick supply of the new tail light assembly. George operates an eBay site called "Fogs Hot Rods"   To see Georges auctions, Click HERE.