The Ultimate Retro Driving Machine!
Studebaker Coupe Express
The engine is a 1995 Street & Performance built Corvette LT-1 Behind that is a GM 4L60E 4-speed overdrive automatic transmission controlled by a Lokar 700R billet shifter. Power goes through a custom driveshaft to a 3.42  rear-end.

The exhaust is 2.50 piped into Flowmaster’s dual 40 Series Delta Flow mufflers. The 40 Series  generates a powerful, aggressive sound outside the truck with a lower interior resonance. With 300+ horsepower, this set up is a natural street beast with all the power you’d ever need.

The engine tucks neatly behind the US radiator setup, tuned to kick in at 208 degrees. This custom matched setup handles both the engine and the vintage air, solving one  the biggest problems with big engine hot rodding: adequate cooling. The motor box is about as clean as it can be. The only visible annoyance is the stock computer which basically runs the fuel Injection, cooling sequence and the transmission. The turn signals, usually located in the upper grille were relocated to keep the compartment clean.

Additional photos towards the bottom of the page show the custom one off fabrication of the engine compartment, details are indicated below.
The Drive Train
Less is definately more with the completely filled firewall and custom made radiator cover.
Custom made hinges support the one-of-a-kind conventional opening hood which was converted from an original full front clip tilt design. (see BODY page for details )