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When browsing the terms listed on this page, please do not try to learn all this jargon in one night....it is not good for your mental health and well being,  plus we have enough crazy rodders out there already.

A-400:  A convertible two door sedan built by Ford prior to 1932
A-bone:  Model A Ford
B-400: A convertible two door sedan built by Ford in 1932
Balonies:  Wide bad ass tires, usually on the rear
Bang Shift:  To quickly shift a standard transmission
Beast:  A really ugly hotrod
Belly Pan:  Metal sheeting underneath a street rod, to streamline the bottom of a rod
Billet:  Aftermarket dress up components usually machined out of Aluminum
Binders:  Brakes
Blown Engine:  A engine that has a Supercharger or a engine that exploded
Blower:  Supercharger
Blower Drive:  The belt and pulleys that drive a Supercharger
Bobbed:  Shortened Fenders, sometimes applied to a shortened hood
Boost:  Intake manifold pressure generated by a  Turbocharger  or Supercharger
Boots:  Tires
Bored and Stroked: Engines that have had their cylinder walls enlarged and the crankshaft throw modified
Bottom End:  Refers to the lower portion of a engine and usually includes the crankshaft, flywheel, bearings and connecting rods
Box:  The transmission, but can also refer to adding reinforcement to the frame
Bucket:  Rod with a Model T  body also called a 'Bucket T'
Buggy Sprung:  Suspension based on front and rear solid axels and left over from horse and buggy days
Bull Nose:  Usually refers to a chrome trim piece for the top of a hood
Bullet Nose:  A Studebaker built in the late 40's and early 50's
Cam:  Short for Camshaft,  a engine piece that activates the valves
Cammer:  Usually refers to a single overhead V8 Ford engine
CC-ing: The accurate measuring of each cylinder or combustion chamber to equalize the volume in high performance engines
CCs:  39 Ford Teardrop Headlights
Channel:  The lowering of the body in relationship to the frame rails to reduce overall height of the vehicle
Chop:  Removing a section of the roofline horizontally to reduce its height
CID:  Refers to "Cubic Inch Displacement" of an engine
Coupe:  Basically any car with just a front seat
Crank:  Crankshaft but can also mean to go fast "Crank on It"
Cruise:  To drive in a laid back fashion
Custom:  Stock cars that have had extensive  body modifications
Deck:  Removing the chrome and handles from the trunk or 'Decklid'
Deuce:  32 Ford
Digs:  Drag Races
Dig Out:  Accelerate quickly
Digger:  A Dragster
EFI:  Electronic Fuel Injection (replaces the carburetor)
E.T:  Elapsed time - the time it takes to run a quarter mile drag
Elephant:  A 1964 or later Chrysler with a V8 and  Hemispherical cylinder heads - a.k.a. 'Hemmy'
Fat:  A over rich fuel mixture denote by excessive black smoke
Fat Fender:  Street rods with bodies manufactured between 1936 and 1938
Fill:  Filling body seams with lead or body filler to lend a smoother appearance to the car
Five Window:  A coup body that have 5 windows,  not counting the windshield
Flathead: A engine that has the valves in the body of the engine rather then the head - also refers to 1932 to 1953 Ford flathead motors
Flamed:  Graphic representation of flames usually starting at the front a working towards the back of a hot rod
Flame Throwers:  A device to ignite unburned gases leaving the exhaust system ( very cool)
Floor Pan:  This just means the floor of a vehicle -
Fordor:  Ford name for a four door sedan
Four Banger:  A four cylinder engine
Four Barrel:  A four cylinder engine or a type of carburetor
Four on the Floor:  Floor mounted shifter coupled to a four speed transmission
French:  Usually refers to recessing the headlights and removing the seam of the headlight trim ring, but can apply to other recessing
Fuel Injected:  A mechanical device that 'injects' or introduces fuel into a engine
Gasser:  A modified closed car that competes at drag races, but could mean your friend drank to much beer.
Gear Box:  Transmission
Ghost Flames:  See Flames, only these flames are usually the same color as the body only a few shades lighter or darker
Glass:  Short for fiberglass
Grab Rails:  Handles mounted on the body to help passengers enter the vehicle, usually a rumble seat
Grill Shell:  A decorative trim that goes around the radiator usually on cars built in the early 1930's
Grocery Getter:  A mild street rod that is used for a run to the store and back
Gutted:  A rod with its interior removed
Hammer:  Same as Chop
Handeler:  A rod that is easy to drive
Haze the Hides:  To spin and smoke the rear tires
Header:  Specialized exhaust manifolds that help reduce exhaust back pressure therefore increasing  power
Hemi:  A monster high performance engine produced by Chrysler with hemispherical heads
Hides:  Tires
Highboy:  A rod with no fenders or running boards and the body place high on the frame rails
High Tech:  Rods that combine customized bodies with billeted or steel dress up parts
Hot Rod:  A vehicle that has been modified to improve its appearance or performance and most times both
Huffer:  Supercharger
Hydro:  Automatic transmission ( derived from the name  Hydromatic, a GM transmission used in the 50's
In the Weeds:  A really low vehicle or you have lost control of your ride and ended up in the ditch
Igniter:  The engines ignition system
Jimmy:  Acronym for a GMC and can also refer to a Blower or Supercharger
Jug:  A carburetor
Juice:  Fuel, Electricity or hydraulic fluid
Kemp:   A rod with a customized body
Knock Offs:  A special wheel system that is held in place with one large, quickly removed nut
Lakes:  The dry lakes in and around Southern California where hotrodders raced their cars
Lakes Modified:  A radically modified racer designed for racing at the dry lakes
Lean it Out:  To alter the fuel mixture to improve engine performance and use less fuel - done to extreme will  fry your engine
Locker:  A type of differential that helps prevent tire spin and distributes the engines torque evenly to the rear wheels
Loud Petal:  The accelerator petal
Louvers:  Vents or slots cut in and raised in various body panels especially the hood and trunk areas
Louie: A left hand turn (see Roscoe)
Lowboy:  A rod that has no fenders or running boards that is lowered over the frame (channeled)
Mag:  Short for a wheel made with a  Magnesium alloy - can also mean Magneto, a self contained ignition system
Mill:  Engine
Molded:  Filling and reshaping body panels and seams
Mood Disks:  Flat aluminum wheel covers
Mouse Motor:  A small block Chevy engine manufactured from 1955 to present day.
NOS:  Nitrous Oxide System - mucho big horsepower
N.O.S:  New Old Stock and refers to parts that are the original parts supplied by the vehicles manufacturer
Nail Head:  A 1950's Buick engine
Nerf:  Short for Nerf Bars - used to ward off tires in open wheel racing cars - also refers to little bumperettes
Newstalgia:  Refers to a rod style that mimics the 50's and 60's and employs modern power plants, components and body panels
Overbore:  An engine block that has had its cylinder bore enlarge because it is badly worn or the owner wants more power
Overwind:  A bad thing and means to run an engine faster in RPM then its designed limits
Panel Delivery:  An early commercial vehicle with two doors in the front for people and two doors at the rear of the vehicle for cargo
Pearl:  Paint with  reflects 'Mother of Pearl' iridescent  colors  or maybe  its a  little white object taken from an oyster
Pit Pins:  Quick release pins that hold body panels in place
Phaeton:  An open two or four door sedan manufactured in the late 20's to the late 30's, that had no roll up windows
Phone Booth:  A 28 or 29 Model 'A'  closed cab pickup
Pin Stripe:  Long narrow painted  stripes usually running the length of a hot rod.  May also be done with narrow plastic (gulp) tape.
Ported:  Intake and exhaust ports that have been enlarged and polished to provide maximum flow through the heads
Power Parker: People that arrive as early as possible to events and shows to get prime parking spots, usually frowned on by hot rodders
Pro Street:  A hotrod made to look like a drag racing car
Puffer:  A supercharger
Quick Change:  A  rear end that allows for rapid changing of rear end gear ratios,  or possibly a trip through McDonalds drive thru
RPM:   'Revolutions Per Minute' or how many rotations an engines crankshaft completes in one minute
Rails:  Refers to the frame side rails on cars before some idiot invented uni-body
Raked:  A  rod that has been lowered in the front or raised in the back
Rat:  A Big Block Chevy V8 engine e.g.: 396, 400, 427, and 454 cid
Reacher:  A dependable street rod
Repop:  See Repro
Repro:  Reproduction parts to match or replace NOS parts
Resto Rod:  A street rod with a stock appearing body
Roadster:  A two seater to a 'Phaeton' - removable top and no roll up side windows and the windshield could fold down
Rod:  A short for Hotrod or Connecting Rod
Rod Run:  May mean an event open to pre 62 only or can refer to any pre-ordained driving route as in a "Poker Run"
Roll Bar:  A special cage made of round tubular steel and designed to protect the vehicles occupants in case of roll over.
Roll Cage:  See Roll Bar
Roller:  A chassis that is completed enough to be rolled around on its own.  Can also refer to a type of camshaft that uses roller lifters
Roscoe: A right hand turn (see Louie)
Rubber Rake:  A rake achieved by the use of  big tires in the back and little tires in the front or possibly an unbreakable garden tool
Sano:  A rod that is absolutely spotless (sanitary)
Saw:  See Chop
Scallops:  A graphic in the shape of a long narrow triangle usually starting from the front of a hotrod
Scatter Shield:  A protective enclosure at the rear of the engine to protect the driver in case a clutch explodes - also used on transmissions
Scoop:  A device mounted on the hood to force air into the engine at higher speeds
Section:  To remove a band of metal from around the middle section of a vehicle to reduce its overall height
Sedan Delivery:  A truck with two opening doors up front and one mother of a door in the rear
Slammed:  A vehicle or hotrod that is as close to the ground as humanly possible without actually touching
Skins:  Tires
Skirts:  Short for Fender Skirts which cover wheel well openings in customs and hotrods or a reference to the fairer sex
Smoothy:  A hotrod that has had all raised portions of the body removed including moldings and sometimes chrome
Spots:  Short for a spot light, also refers to disk brakes
Stacks:  Short for Velocity Stacks which are used on carbureted and fuel injected engines
Steelies:  Wheels made of steel or a marble made from knocking apart old ball bearings.  Really Big old ball bearings
Step Plates:  Pads mounted on running boards or fenders to keep the paint or rubber matting from being scratched or getting dirty
Stick Shift:  A floor mounted gear shift lever
Stone:  A slooooow car
Stones:  Short for Firestone tires or an English Rock Band
Stove Bolt:  A nick name for a rod powered by a Chevy inline six cylinder engine
Stroker:  An engine equipped with a longer then  stock crankshaft throw with modified  length connecting rods
Stuffer:  Supercharger
Supercharger:  A mechanical device designed to force air into an engine at higher then atmospheric pressure
T-Bucket:  A short, fenderless opened 'T' body hotrod
TPI:  Tuned Port Injection
Tach:  Short for Tachometer and a device to read engine RPM
Three On The Tree:  Refers to a column mounted three speed transmission  shifter
Touring:  See 'Phaeton'
Trad Rad:  A street rod built in the styles of the 50's and 609's rods
Tranny:  Short for Transmission
Tub:  A touring car or Phaeton can also refer to enlarging the wheel well size to accommodate very large tires, usually in the rear
Tubbed:  To increase the wheel well size to accommodate very large tires usually at the rear axel
Tudor:  Ford name for a two door sedan
Tuck and Roll:  A cool style of upholstery or a new kind of music
U Joints:  Short for Universal Joints and these are located on each end of a drive shaft
Uncorked:  Running without mufflers
Vicky:  See Victoria
Victoria:  A sporty two door sedan body that featured a different rear body panel style
Wedge:  A type of Chrysler engine with wedge shaped combustion chambers in the heads
Wide Whites: Wide whitewall tires
Wide Weenies: Large rear tires and I am not going there
Wires:  Spoked Wire Wheels
Woodie: A station wagon with wood paneling and no I am not going there either
X Member: The center portion of a frame where the frame rails meet or cross
Y Block:  A cylinder block with deep pan rails
Z'ed: Frame rails altered in a Z shape to lower the front of a hot rod
Zoomy:  A wild street rod with open exhaust pipes
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